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This page is under construction. At the moment it is mostly a collection of facts that are scattered in the standard and that I find useful in this compilation ...

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ISO/IEC 14496 - MPEG-4

Parts of the MPEG-4 standard

  1. Systems
  2. Visual
  3. Audio
  4. Conformance Testing
  5. Reference Software
  6. Delivery Multimedia Integration Framework (DMIF)
  7. Optimized Refrence Software
  8. 4onIP
  9. Reference Hardware Description
  10. Advanced Video Coding
  11. Scene Description and Application Engine
  12. ISO Media File Format
  13. IPMP Extensions (IPMP-X)
  14. MPEG-4 File Format
  15. AVC File Format
  16. Animation Framework Extension
  17. Streaming Text Format
  18. Font Compression and Streaming
  19. Synthesised Texture
  20. Lightweight Application Scene Representation (LASER)
  21. MPEG-J Extensions for Rendering
  22. Open Font Format
  23. Symbolic Music Representation
  24. Audio and Systems Interaction
  25. 3D Graphics Compression Model
  26. Audio conformance
  27. 3D Graphics conformance
  28. Composite Font Representation
  29. Web Video Coding (a Baseline Profile only version of AVC that might become royalty fee free)

MPEG-4 Visual

The visual part of MPEG-4 defines not only a video coder but also a still image coder and tools for synthetic video objects:

Only the video coder is covered in the following.

MPEG-4 Video Profiles

Tool Profile
Simple Advanced
Core Simple
I VOP x x x x x
P VOP x x x x x
B VOP   x x x x
Short Header x x x x x
AC/DC Prediction x x x x x
4 MV / Unrestricted MV x x x x x
Video Packet Resynchronisation x x x x x
Data Partitioning x x x x x
Reversible VLC x x x x x
H.263 / MPEG-2 Quantization   x x   x
Global Motion Compensation   x     x
Quarter-Pel Motion Compensation   x     x
Temporal Sacalbility       x  
Spatial Sacalbility       x  
Binary Shape     x   x
Greyscale Shape         x
Shape Adaptive DCT         x
Interlace   x x   x

Profile and Level Constaints

Only Simple Profile and Advanced Simple Profile are covered in the following table. Note that additional restrictions apply to level 0 and 0b.

The values given in the rows with bold headings are determined by the standard, the other rows show derived parameters.

Profile, Level SP, L0 SP, L0b SP, L1 SP, L2 SP, L3 ASP, L0 ASP, L1 ASP, L2 ASP, L3 ASP, L3b ASP, L4 ASP, L5
Max. Bitrate (kbit/s) 64 128 64 128 384 128 128 384 768 1500 3000 8000
Max. Buffer (kbit) 160 320 160 640 640 160 160 640 640 1040 1280 1792
Max. Delay @ max. Bitrate (sec) 2.5 2.5 2.5 5 1.66 1.25 1.25 1.66 0.86 0.69 0.43 0.22
Max. VP Size (bit) 2048 2048 2048 4096 8192 2048 2048 4096 4096 4096 8192 16384
Max. VOP Size (MB) 99 99 99 396 396 99 99 396 396 396 792 1620
Max. Decoder Rate (MB/s) 1485 1485 1485 5940 11880 2970 2970 5940 11880 11880 23760 48600
Max. Framesize @ 30Hz - - 128x96 256x192 CIF QCIF QCIF 256x192 CIF CIF 352x576
Max. Framesize @ 25Hz - - 144x96 304x192
CIF CIF 352x576
Max. Framesize @ 24Hz - - 160x96 304x208 CIF QCIF QCIF 304x208 CIF CIF 352x576
Max. Framesize @ 12.5Hz QCIF QCIF QCIF CIF CIF QCIF QCIF CIF CIF CIF 352x576

MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (aka. ITU-T H.264)

MPEG-4 AVC Profiles

Tool Profile
Baseline Main Extended High High 10 High 4:2:2 High 4:4:4
I Frame x x x x x x x
P Frame x x x x x x x
B Frame   x x x x x x
SI Frame     x        
SP Frame     x        
Multiple Reference Frames x x x x x x x
Deblocking Filter x x x x x x x
CAVLC x x x x x x x
CABAC   x   x x x x
FMO, ASO, RS x   x        
Data Partitioning     x        
Interlaced   x x x x x x
4:2:0 Chroma Format x x x x x x x
4:2:2 Chroma Format           x x
4:4:4 Chroma Format             x
8 Bit Sample Depth x x x x x x x
9 and 10 Bit Sample Depth         x x x
10 and 12 Bit Sample Depth             x
8x8 vs. 4x4 Transform       x x x x
Quantization Scaling Matrices       x x x x
Separate Cb and Cr QP control       x x x x
Monochrome Video Format       x x x x
Residual Color Transform             x
Predictive Lossless Coding             x

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